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"We are a Family of Catholic Priests Inspired by the Holy Family of Nazareth in the Service of the Family."
We, the Religious Order of Sons of The Holy Family, are Witnesses and Apostles of the Mystery of Nazareth. In­deed, our daily family life is with Jesus, Mary and Joseph. In fact, whatever we hear and see in Nazareth, we witness and proclaim each day to the human family; that is, we proclaim Jesus Christ who chose to share the community of human­kind, living in a Family; who sanctified the love of a man and a woman with His Presence in the home and, subject to Jo­seph and Mary, began His Work of Sal­vation.

You may contact us at:
401 Randolph Road
PO Box 4138(301) 622-1184
Silver Spring, Md. 20914-4138

WE ARE A religious Congregation dedicated to the for­mative training of children and young people, and to the continual upbuilding of community and family living in the home and in society.
Our nazarene charism is to BE FAMILY. Nazareth is our Home, our School and our Motto. The 'Mystery of Nazareth' is a fine catalyst of what true Christian and Family living is all about. Nazareth eventually brings out both the best and the worst in each of us.
Today's SON OF THE HOLY FAMILY is a man of living faith. The 'Church' he is called to be is a family-renewing movement. His life com­mitment is a timeless adventure in youth and family life ministries. He knows that salvation and life eternal lie not in human structures but in children, the young and family living. FOR WE ARE ALL CALLED TO BE FAMILY!
Today's SON OF THE HOLY FAMILY remains ever committed and loyal to the spirit and mystery of Nazareth, to the radical setting of the Good News, and to the divine Model of holiness abiding there in the Holy Family. By the living witness of his individual life con­secration and dedication to the Holy Family of Nazareth, he endures as a living reminder that the 'mystery of Nazareth' abides as "the Way, the Truth, and the Life" for all human Families.
"A Family of Catholic Priests Inspired by the Holy Family of Nazareth in the Service of the Family."

Padre Manyanet IMG_1888-1
centenario Jose Maria y Jesus
Very High Rev. Fr. Luis Picazo, SF, Superior General Gonzalez-photo-2
IMG_1584 Fr. General blesses Bro. leandro
Far General, Bro. leandro, Bishop Gonzalez and Fr. Miguel the social hall
our friends the Viseprovincial Assembly
some of the Viceprovince priests our goal, our motto, our spirituality
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